Client Testimonials


Aitch McCoy

A.T. Tramp, Beverly Hills

I have tried most of the straightening products out there and once I found BRAZILIAN SILK Treatment my search was
over. I tell clients it's not a relaxer it's more of a conditioning treatment. I love the way the hair feels. It's not flat and
lifeless, it's just frizz free and easy to work with. I have not had one complaint from clients - they all LOVE it.
Also the customer service was excellent. Always so helpful in getting me products as soon as possible.

Virginia DeBerry


"I am totally blown away by the results! There is no chemical smell during or after the treatment. My hair feels soft and silky and it lasts 3 months! All I can say is this is AMAZING stuff!!"

Jennifer Lawrence

Licari Cutler Salon, New York

BRAZILIAN SILK NECTAR works great on frizzy, curly hair. It is transformed into shiny, silky hair that still has body.
BRAZILIAN SILK also lasts longer than most of the recent keratin treatments I have tried.
All my clients also love that they can shampoo right away with no down time.

Kate Strelka-French

Yellow Bird Salon, Milwaukee

I am in love with BRAZILIAN SILK, the results and flexibility are outstanding. My clients and I have known this
for sometime now. But I have to take a minute to give praise for the over the top customer service. I was in
need of product and kept forgetting to call, so I made, what I thought would be an after hours call, with
hopes of leaving a message. To my surprise my call was answered, by Derek, at his birthday dinner!!
While I would never expect that kind of drop everything, anytime, kind of service, it did not go unnoticed. I
wanted to share to say Thank You and to encourage anyone else in the market for a Keratin treatment to
go with Brazilian Silk. I can't imagine another that can offer this level of results and personal attention.
Thanks again!

Jodi Forte

Salon on 65th, Indianapolis

""I love my hair! I even scrunch it dry with the diffuser and had all my curls. It maintains the style. It's so silky and feels so healthy! "

Cathy Morris

Electric Violinist

Performing in all kinds of weather, BRAZILIAN SILK keeps away the frizz and keeps it silky and manageable.

I love this product and highly recommend it to anyone interested in having the best!

Rosalie Levine

A Salon Solution, Port Saint Lucie

We have used Brazilian Silk for more than 7 years and my stylists love what it does for our client’s hair. It is definitely the best Keratin product on the market, bar none ! The hair is left silky smooth and can be modified to leave some curl or wave if that’s what the client wants. Derek is a wonderful trainer as well !